quickLinks drop-down menu (editable by user)

The QuickLinks drop-down menu, found on the WVU homepage and other sites, is a very simple & attractive option for housing a collection of commonly used links. Highly customizable via CSS. Read on to see how to utilize.

Step by step:

  1. Insert the HTML, Slate editable region, and scripts from “quicklinks.rhtml” where you want to include Quicklinks in your site. Note: Quicklinks relies on jQuery for keyboard interaction. If you are already using jQuery on your site, do not include it twice.
  2. Add the code from “quicklinks_v2.css” to your site specific stylesheet or include the stylesheet from shared/stylesheets/quicklinks_v2.css.
  3. Insert the markup from “quicklinks_editable_region_code.html” into your editable region in Slate.

Note: This documentation has been updated on 12/16/11 to include a new, more accessible version of the Quicklinks dropdown menu. Code adapted from a Simply Accessible demo.